Now that I have let go, now what?

even when it hurts

Thank you all for your honest response based on my first post, it was well appreciated and noted.

A brief recap of Letting Go, I hope we have all learned that the essence of being free-spirited when life brings challenges to you, is to let go so as to receive the freshness of a new birthing. Be conscious about this.

I have let go of the hurts and pain of losing people so dear to me hoping that something new will come my way but still no sign of spring. I moved on with my life, doing new things and believing for the best to come and still no major sign. While I was grumbling, sulking, looking and waiting for something new to happen in my life, I failed to realize that inwardly God was already birthing new things for me. For example, I was getting healed emotionally having lost a very good friend and family due to a reason only God still knows why and how it happened. While still waiting for something amazing to happen in my life, I failed to see that I no longer suffered from eating disorder, I started to eat and add more weight LoL. I was no longer in pain, no more nightmares because God gave me the gift of sleeping peacefully, I also still failed to see that my pillow was no longer soaked in tears. Not for once did I ever meditate on this precious gifts I had due to the things I wanted in my own imagination. I wanted kids, a job etc but none seemed forthcoming. I got tired of grumbling and decided to change my strategy if complaining wouldn’t get me what I want then I will be more conscious and thankful for whatever little thing that God provides, it was then that the Lord opened my eyes to see the power of letting go and being thankful for the little things that I experienced.  Most of us already have in mind what we want and as much as we have moved on,  we still have an imagination of the things we want. To some of us, we might feel different emotions while waiting and it could be physical, stress, pain, discomfort, grieve etc.

I do want to let you know that whatever you go through in life while waiting is not a waste, there is a purpose in every pain you go through, those tears aren’t a waste, they are stored in God’s bottle, check this out Psalm 56:8 You keep track of all my sorrows, You have collected all my tears in your bottle, You have recorded each one in your book. Now do you think all of those tears are a waste, I doubt it. 

Friends, what I want you to know is that:

While we wait on God for a new morning, we also must play the part of being thankful for everything, no matter how minute it is. It can be life, joy, a closed door, a heartbreak, a smile, losing something etc just be thankful because that is the will of God for your life. Being thankful is what determines what you will receive from God, so let us not be weary in doing good and in due time we shall receive the reward.

God still remains faithful, we need to know that whatever issues we go through during the waiting period is to talk our heart out to the lord, God says 1peter 5:7 Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you. How simple is this, God really does care about you and surely HE will perfect all those things that concern you.

I am only saying this so you can have a fresh and new perspective on your outlook towards life and whatever you are going through even if it hurts to trust God, know that it is for a greater purpose and you will come out of it much better than before.

Consciously praise God through the storm and I pray as you listen to this song, you will be blessed and your hope in Christ will be anew.

Say this prayer, Father Lord, thank you for everything you are doing on my behalf,  I know you have great plans for me, plans to prosper me and not to fail or harm me but to give me an expected end, a  hope and a future, pls lord give me the grace and power to be thankful for everything by rejoicing and I know and believe in my heart that what you have promised me will surely come to pass in my life. Thank you for making me better in Jesus name I pray. Amen

2 thoughts on “Now that I have let go, now what?

  1. Amen, thank you for your eloquent words. It’s true to say that the beauty of letting go and letting God, is that you leave a way for God’s direction which is surely what we need in our lives.
    Stay blessed x

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