Are you believing the enemy’s lie?


I do not think I can move past this stigma, shame, can God still bless me, can God still hear my prayer, I have sinned too much, I don’t even know where I am headed in life, will I be able to be a good person, How can I provide for my family, I do not think am good enough? These are some questions and statement that fill our thoughts most times and they affect our view of how we see ourselves. These thoughts are very dangerous to our spirit man and if we do not act on it quickly, it is possible that it can spread like poison and contaminate our spirit man even our soul. We all are guilty of thinking this way and I want to tell you something, when such thoughts come into your mind, know this: the enemy puts such thoughts into us so we can ponder on it, as human we are thinkers by nature, we always want to figure everything out, our flesh is weak and that is what the enemy attacks, it all starts in the mind before it spreads to our soul. The enemy studies believers of Christ a lot and uses things in your environment to guilt trip you, condemn you, he even uses circumstances that happen in your life, this is the reason why it is paramount for us all to study the word of God, know what the Lord is saying about our situation. The scripture talks about the entrance of thy(GOD) word gives light.

How can you be led by the Holy Spirit if you do not know what God is even saying about that situation you are going through. Here are some scriptures that I meditated on whenever things seemed off in my spirit man or I was believing the lie of the enemy. This piece is something I went through in the past week and you will see the outcome of believing the lie and also the result of when I overcame.

My feelings: How do I feel now? I feel like there is guilt, condemnation of not having my quiet time every day, God I do not spend my time wisely, I sometimes waste my time on social media. I should pray and study but I do not even understand what I am reading, During that time, I heard the Lord tell me to drop my burden at HIS feet cus I was worrying on something that was not a problem. I knew what I heard, I laid down my burden half-heartedly and I know some of us are like that, we obey instructions halfway and it is really bad, but we thank God for his grace and mercy. God cannot be mocked, left to me I thought I had given God my burdens unbeknownst to me, the enemy was already planning his strategies.

The Enemy’s interpretation of my feelings: Now what is the basis of I telling God this, I found out the reason why I was telling God this was, the enemy knows how I like to study God’s word, so in the past week the enemy enhanced my thought and said: for a week you did not study the word of GOD, you are already backsliding, can’t you see that is the reason why you get angry unneccesarily at your husband, can’t you see that is why you complain too much, can’t you see you do not even crave for his word anymore, can’t you see how you are so engrossed in social media, you are carried away and it will be hard to get your heart to be soft for GOD, can’t you see it is hard for you to hear God, don’t you feel like HE is far from you?

To be honest, these were the lies that the enemy was feeding me and it felt like the truth because truly in the past week for no reason I was so busy and I could not even find time to do my quiet time. I did not have a word or an inspiration to blog about for you guys. I pondered on this and I believed it, let me tell you what it robbed me of this past week’

The result of believing the lie the enemy spoke to me :It robbed me of my peace in God, It robbed me of who I was in Christ at that moment, It robbed me of being happy with myself, It robbed me of my creativity, It robbed me of hearing God at that moment, I did not do well at work too,The lie flowed freely like the blood that flows through the veins, I worried a lot and grumbled a lot.

There is Hope: God is precious and HE is surely a very present help in our time of need and trouble. How I overcame was a miracle and I will share it with you. Victory happened Monday after a week of living in a lie: *lol*

I went to youtube planning to listen to a song that the holy spirit said: Oh God our help in ages past, our hope for years to come. Don Moen sang his version but as I was about to play it, I saw a video by Bishop T.D Jakes that is titled “Do Not Worry” Oct 22, 2017. I clicked on it and was listening to the sermon, he made a statement that was from Jeremiah 1:5 “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; Before you were born I sanctified you; I ordained you a prophet to the nations.” This really got to me and the other things he said, I bawled out my eyes and cried in total humility to the Lord, he told the congregation to repeat this statement “Do not worry” to themselves, I also participated and the  more I kept repeating it I cried the more, I cried in total humility and all of a sudden it was as if a burden was lifted up right away, I prayed to the lord and I began confessing the word of God and His promises in my life. That is the reason why the word of God says “The entrance of God’s word gives light” I felt free and healed mentally, that lie vaporized right away and now I am happy, strong, filled with inspiration and now I have something to blog about to you guys. It is not a joke, those who have experienced the power/word of God will know the effectiveness of who HE is and what HE stands for. Wherever light is, darkness can never comprehend. 

Great are you Lord, worthy to be praised!!!! Halleluyah, Halleluyah, Halleluyah, Halleluyah, Halleluya, Halleluyah, Halleluyah!!












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