Remember All!!!

Hello guys, it is the beginning of a new year, it is so refreshing and sweet for everyone of us to be part of this season. This year will be eye opening for each and everyone of us, there will be lots of growth, commitment, revelation for you all. Whatever your goals are please commit them into the hands of the lord.

I believe the lord wants us to remember and remind ourselves of all that He has promised, it is time to revisit those promises wherever we have them written. You might have being told you are going to get married, you are going to have a house, children or car, you might have being told that the lord is calling you into ministry, you might have being told and directed to leave your job and start a business and so much more, I want to encourage you today to begin to focus on all those good stuffs the Lord has showed you, it is beautiful and reassuring for you to know that the lord will not fail you, He will make it happen. Isaiah 60.22

However, be patient enough so as to receive the complete promises fulfilled. Galatians 7:9. Life is a race that is ran individually and not for competing against each other. Those promises given to you is not for you to be prideful, self-righteous, self-glorified etc, it is for the glory of God to be revealed in you, so as to draw men to you and give God praise over what He has done, yes you will be honored but bear in mind no one shares the glory of the Father.

A prayer I would love for us to pray everyday: Father, please be with me all the days of my life and direct all my paths in jesus name. Amen


I might be transitioning into videos due to the fact that I sometimes tend to type more contents on the blog and some of you do not have the time to read through *lol*. Let’s see how it goes but still, thank you very much you all for your kind words and support.

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