Reassurance of who you are in Christ Jesus.

I believe some of us need a reassurance and a little push to believe that we matter, some of you might be going through a phase where you might have forgotten who you are or you feel discouraged about what you are going through, you also feel things are not going smooth and it’s like nothing new is happening,  you try to force a smile whenever you are amongst people, you try to summon all the courage you need so as not to appear weak amongst your counterparts, your heart is sad, your soul is troubled, you have cried and poured out your heart but nothing seems to come forth, you are beginning to doubt if God is with you or HE even cares about your needs.

I am reassuring you that what God has placed in you, no one can ever take it away, the problem is you do not know what has been deposited inside you, its high time you begin to see yourself as that person by faith and confession. Apostle Paul also told us in Ephesians 1 through the holy spirit about the spiritual blessings God has given us, while we worry and bother about getting physical blessings. Our loving Father has provided us Spiritual blessings without us working for it and these blessings are what will lead you to behave and react as a winner in Christ Jesus. I will highlight some of these blessings and give an insight on them.

Spiritual Blessings God has given you and I

  • God has chosen/predestined you before the foundation of this world to be holy and blameless. So, do not feel out of place, you have already been chosen by GOD to do great exploits.
  • Holy and Blameless: You are fit to serve God despite your shortcomings, God works in you so as to make His name and deeds which are seen in and through you to be glorified by men. Also, God has declared you righteous not by works but by grace through faith in Him. Enough of trying to stop sinning in your strength.
  • In HIs Love: You cannot earn God’s love, HE already loves you unconditionally and it is a reminder to you that there is no form of suffering, mishaps, trials, persecution, famine, things present or things to come that can ever separate you from the love God has for you, imagine it this way your spouse or friend or parent tells you how much they love and cherish you, you receive their love which can come in different forms but God is telling you that His love superceedes their kind of love, His love will never leave nor forsake you (Romans 8:36)
  • In God’s love, He predestined you to be adopted/accepted as sons in Jesus Christ: God has already put you into His family a long time ago, do not think less of who you are, remember you are not of this world. Focus more on God’s promises than the pleasures of this world.
  • Accepted in the beloved (Christ): You are accepted just as you are in Christ, with your bad habits, sinful nature. The Bible tells us we all should come to God as we are, do not be ashamed. You have been reconciled in Christ already, accept the love.
  • Redemption through HIS blood: You were bought and set free from slavery, generational curses, stagnancy, evil yokes, bondages, poverty, etc through the precious blood of the lamb. Imagine, Jesus sacrificed his life for you on the cross so you can experience and enjoy the victory, it is your right to claim it.
  • Redemption through forgiveness of your sins: You can receive forgiveness and mercy of your misconduct in Christ Jesus. All you need to do is ask Him and believe He has forgiven you. Do not let anyone to condemn you or do not allow yourself feel guilt anymore.

**I will be putting down my pen here, but I pray and hope that this post will give you more insight and build your courage once more to never give up. You are God’s beloved and I also love you.**





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