Be inspired!!!


Here we are again, grateful to see yet the 5th month of the year, moments pass by and all we can see is the good and bad times. We struggle a lot on so many things that we cannot control and it tends to lead us down the road of worry, anger, depression, anxiety, fear. If only you can learn to stop worrying and start being. I mean existing as a person, you need to let go of who and what people say you are and start being who God says you are, walk in the confidence of knowing who you are in Christ.

There is something that was brought into the light and that is most of us tend to complain about other people’s attitude towards us and we tend to forget that we also have a role to play. Someone doesn’t treat you nice and you keep complaining about their behavior, will complaining change their attitude?Why don’t you instead learn to dust those outward behaviors off your shoulders and show love regardless, always be kind still, smile more and see if that person wouldn’t change with time.

Another revelation received is whatever God has in store for you will still come  to pass, it can be delayed but not denied and when it is delayed, it still doesn’t mean God is slow about it but it’s to let you understand that there is timing for everything.

One more thing, life we all know is a race and we all are running, in our race we acquire things, whilst running you see other people acquiring so many things on the way and you have just acquired few things, you wonder what is it you are doing wrong? But you know what, those things that  others acquire could be in their timing for it, also it might be gotten through dishonest schemes, you don’t know. On a brighter side, look at it this way, whilst running do not look sideways for it will slow you down when  looking at others and you end up not  focusing  on your race, Looking sideways will have an effect on you which is, not contented, jealousy, lack of trust in yourself and your journey. Ensure  you look forward to focus on your race and you would see clearly, achieve more, jump over obstacles with God’s help , You will end up being thankful, fulfilled, joyful and not moved by circumstances.

Oh yes, another revealed lesson is trusting completely in God!! It goes a long way, know Him as a great God, merciful God, loving God, friendly God. Do not doubt God at all!!!


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