Be Still

Through God you will do valiantly for only Him can tread down your enemies. Forget about the problems of yesterday and focus on the promises of today. His mercies and goodness is a sure guarantee for you this morning. Praise Him for He is good

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Are you your brother’s keeper?

Hello everyone, welcome to a new month MARCH which happens to be my birth month. This is a season of “NEW BEGINNINGS” dead things which needn’t lay lifeless will be revived, it could be your visions, goals, plans, relationship etc. So today, let us look into  2Corinthians 1 vs 3-5  All praise to God, the Father of […]

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Don’t get caught up..

Hey guys, it’s being a while on blogging  about overcoming in Christ jesus. It has been a silent week for me, going through a new phase which is all new and surprising for me at the same time, so I needed a bit of space and time to get back on my feet. Today, there […]

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Secret Place

Hey Everyone, thank you so much for your support in reading and commenting on the blog, i believe the posts on the blog will keep blessing, reaffirming and reassuring us of God’s promises. I want us to take this moment to reflect on the goodness and faithfulness of God in our lives, God has been […]

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Remember All!!!

Hello guys, it is the beginning of a new year, it is so refreshing and sweet for everyone of us to be part of this season. This year will be eye opening for each and everyone of us, there will be lots of growth, commitment, revelation for you all. Whatever your goals are please commit […]

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Stay with me…..

God’s love for us is insurmountable, whatever it might be that you are going through isn’t for you to sulk and feel dejected. The lord is on your side, and I ask whose report are you believing? You are a strong individual and you have the power to fight the wiles of the enemy. No […]

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Hear me speak.

My son/daughter do not cry, do not worry, do not be scared, do not fret, do not be downcast, do not be discouraged, I will be there for you. When all things/hope seems lost, come to me and I will give you a new reason to hope again. Though you are scared about the future […]

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